Operational Notes

Drawing of Meson target train

Link to drawing A

Link to drawing B

Drawing of NM2 target pile

Link to drawing

Notes on Switchyard electrostatic septa surge boxes

Link to scanned schematic and notes.

These notes show a schematic and troubleshooting procedures for the box on the SY septa called the "surge box". This box contains series "surge" resistors to limit current draw, as well as a voltage divider (3GOhm and 150kOhm) to allow for measurement of the septum voltage. The voltage across the 150K Ohm resistor in the divider is read out through a "Sealtron 410" four-pin connector

Notes on accessing and using Teamcenter

Link to Mayling's how-to presentation.

Link to Notes from meeting/tutorial with Don Mitchel on 8/24/17.