Computed Tomography of Transverse Phase Space

Adam Watts, Carol Johnstone, John Johnstone

Link to pre-print paper on Inspire HEP

Link to NAPAC2016 paper and poster on AD Beam Docs

This work aims to reconstruct the transverse phase space distribution coming out of the Main Injector during resonant extraction. Due to the non-linearities inherent to resonant extraction, the phase space distribution is inherently non-Gaussian. Thus beamline matching becomes difficult using traditional emittance-measurement methods. Computed tomography reconstructs the non-Gaussian phase space distribution using transverse beam profile data taken with different optics tunes in the beamline. The first stage at this work, presented at NAPAC2016, investigated computed tomography of simulated beam using particle tracking; this work compared several tomography methods and quantified the errors in reconstructing a known non-Gaussian initial distribution.